Letter From the Founder


"I could tout all of Rampage Network's features, or how easy it made maintaining my comic, but I think the most important thing to know is that Rampage Network is not a trick, hoax, or trap. Most people would ask why anyone would spend their time and money providing something free to a complete stranger. I'd point out that most Webcomic makers spend their time and money producing something for complete strangers too. Rampage Network's services are free for the same reason most Webcomics are free: John believes in what he is doing and has proven it for years with hard work and determination.

As a member on Rampage, No Need for Bushido received excellent, timely, and consistent service - all for a (literally) unbeatable price. I can think of no better reason to go with Rampage."

-Joseph Kovell (Member from 2006-2008)
Writer for No Need for Bushido

"When our previous hosting service changed owners, our domain name was not renewed and was stolen out from under us. They didn't even refund the renewal fees after several emails to their management and support teams. John from Rampage Network saw our site was down and sent me an email asking if he could help us with our hosting problem. We were set up within a few days and it's been smooth sailing ever since. Our site now runs better than it ever has. Rampage Network has been a great host to work with, and we look forward to continuing to use them for years to come."

-Jonah Gregory (Member since 2006)
Writer/Illustrator for Here There Be Robots

" Yeah, I know the offer sounds too good to be true. I mean, FREE hosting, FREE domain and FREE site set-up & maintenance? There's gotta be a catch, right? Well there isn't. I've hosted my comic strip DEAD DAYS with Rampage since late 2005 and it's been an awesome experience all around. John Hernandez has to be one of the best guys around. He not only helps you set-up and maintain your site, but he's always down to help improve it when he sees something that might benefit you. Have a problem? He's great about getting back to you to help you solve it. And to this day, he's never charged me a damn dime. Yes, everything the the network promises is legit and yes, it's a great idea to join the Rampage Network. As Krusty once said: "I heartily endorse this event or product.""

-John Rios (Member since 2005)
Writer/Illustrator for DEAD DAYS

"Rampage Network is a great place to get a free, professional-looking site with easy-upload capabilities. This generous offer of free webspace and support frees you up to do what you do best: create a high-quality comic. Rampage Network is here for the long haul and has already enjoyed years of hassle-free service."

- Zachary Parker (Member since 2005)
Writer/Illustrator for Flatwood

" It's very difficult to find a free web comic hosting service that can offer so many convenient features while also offering creators so much control over the overall presentation of the webcomic. With the level of control Rampage offers, communication becomes a key factor; I think that's one of the things I enjoy most about hosting with Rampage, the moderators are always accessible and there is always an open line of communication. I also enjoy being able to focus more on the creation of my comic, than be having to be concerned with the coding of the site. You can have a lot of innovative features on your site without having extensive knowledge of html. You just tell them what you want, and they make it happen!"

- Ben Reynolds (Member since 2005)
Writer/Illustrator for KERSLASH

The Rampage Network has been an invaluable tool for me, both as a hosting service, and as a link to talented cartoonists. Authors of webcomics without much computer know-how or money often hit a glass ceiling, as most free, easy hosting services like Comic Genesis come with a built-in stigma. The Rampage Network, though, takes care of all the technical stuff and more, provides a domain name, and ensures that its clients come out looking as credible as any high-rolling strip, rarely asking for anything in return. If you're serioius about your comic, and you want it to have a good image, Rampage is the place to do it. Better yet, it's the place to do it cheap and easy.

-Eli Parker (Member since 2005)
Writer/Illustrator of Too Far and Unwinder's Tall Comics

"When I first moved my comic strip to the web, I started at Comicgenesis, and while it was a good first step into the webcomic world for me, I really didn’t know what I was doing when it came to presentation. Then I received an email from Horatio one fateful night. He had come across my comic strip and really liked it; it was then that he offered the services of the Rampage Network to me. I didn’t know anything about html or hosting my website at the time, so regardless of the quality of the comic, my actual website looked like old crusty donuts, and I didn’t know how to make it better. Horatio, however, offered to help me do all of that. All I had to do was draw up an artistic rendition of what I wanted the website to look like, and he would make it function like an actual site. I was a little wary at first though; I didn’t know who he was or why I should trust him with my artwork out of the blue. It did help though that at the time a webcomic friend of mine had already set himself up at the network, so I felt I could trust him enough with my artwork. Sure enough, he delivered on all that he promised. He helped me build a decent looking website based off my designs while he took care of all the technical work, which to an artist without html knowledge was a tremendous boon. But the best part above all else is that I have complete control over when I want to upload a new strip. I no longer have to wait for a queue and hope that my new strip uploads on time before the system crashes again. Whenever (and if) I get my comic strips done on time on the schedule that I want to keep, I can upload them immediately, or days from the completion date. It’s a really simple system to use, and atop of all that, he’s usually pretty available if anything goes wrong. If anyone ever gets the honor of setting their comic strip up at the Rampage Network, they shouldn’t hesitate. It’s a great platform for any artist who wants to devote their time exclusively to their craft."

-Ignacio B. Peña (Member since 2006)
Writer/Illustrator of Trout

Rampage Network has provided The Retriever with a comfortable, affordable home amongst a group of well-to do neighboring web-comics. There's a lot of variety and many different personalities, but we all seem to get on just fine. It's like a utopia.

Rampage offers an easy-to-use customizable interface for uploading and managing your strip files. Never again will you have to struggle through coding html or css or trying to remember your ftp site address and password. All content management is available at the touch of a button, all on one page with simple, straightforward functionality to help keep your strips AND your readers up to date. Rampage provides all of this at no cost. What more could you ask for?

All this simplicity and ease of use leads to a group of happy, well-adjusted internet citizens. But we'll still kill you if you suck.

- Daniel Fu (Member since 2006)
Writer/Illustrator of The Retreiver

"The Rampage Network has been nothing but supportive and helpful through out our relationship. They have helped with the sites creative process and they were on top of all issues that arose immediately, limiting our sites down time, when of course on the rare occasion, there was any. I would highly recommend the Rampage Network to any inspiring comic artists that need a home for their work."

- Phil Kriser (Member since 2006)
Colorist/Co-writer for Happy Hour

"Working on the Rampage Network has been fantastic. Everything I have needed has been done in a timely manner and with the utmost expertise. I can't imagine hosting my comic elsewhere."

- Jim Kohl (Member since 2006)
Artist for Happy Hour